Joe Doherty Photography

Hello!  I am a nature photographer, a bankruptcy scholar, a baseball player, and a husband and father.  Not necessarily in that order. 

I began my professional photography career at 16, making environmental portraits for the Loyola High School development office.  After high school I worked in a color lab making prints and dupes, then spent several years assisting photographers in Los Angeles.  I opened my own studio in the mid-1980s, and photographed a wide range of subjects, from natural disasters to Hollywood actors.  My work appeared in Time, People, Paris Match, and Geo (among other publications).  

The birth of my son led to a career change.  I earned a PhD (Political Science) from UCLA, and joined the UCLA School of Law in 1999, running a research center and teaching statistics to future lawyers.

Eventually - inevitably - I returned to photography.  The artists who influence me vary widely, from Ansel Adams to Pete Turner, and from the Lascaux Cave to the Hudson River School.  I choose among them to capture what I find inspiring in nature, to capture the many emotions that nature inspires in me: joy, peace, awe, apprehension, sadness, curiosity.  In my work I try to convey those emotions, while connecting the image to a specific place.  I want people who view my work to develop an emotional connection to that place, too.  I think it is only by making that connection that people will develop the sense that nature is worth preserving for its own sake.  

I can be reached at, and at 310-500-5696.  

Thanks for reading.

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