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I make all of my own prints, in my studio, on a Canon Pro-2000 printer.  Each one is printed on a high quality rag paper (typically Hahnemühle William Turner or Innova Fabriano Printmaking Rag), signed, and sealed with Hahnemühle Protective Spray.  This gives me total control of the creative process, and guarantees that the print you receive is the image I envisioned.

Print sizes and prices reflect the size of the paper, not the image itself.  For example, an uncropped photograph made with a Nikon D850 has an aspect ratio of 2:3, which fits neatly on a sheet of 13x19 inch paper (1/2 inch borders makes this a 12x18 print).  Most of my photographs have this aspect ratio.  On a sheet of 8x10 paper, with 1/2 inch borders, a 2:3 print would be 6x9 inches.  

8x10 -- $40

8x12 -- $80

13x19 -- $300

20x30 -- $500

24x36 -- $650 (pictured above)

All prices are before applicable sales taxes and shipping.

If you're interested in buying prints, please contact me at joedohertyphotography@gmail.com.  I have many more photographs than are visible on this site, and would be happy to send you small images from my collection that might suit your needs.

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