Custom Printing

Painting with Ink

Glowing pixels on a flat screen is the modern way to view photographs. It allows us to view many images in a short time, at low cost, and in a convenient format. 

However, the print is the best way to view a single photograph. A print is an object that can be held and moved, with an intimate sense of its weight and texture. A print's emotional power changes as we walk it from room to room, from light to light. Most importantly, a printed photograph becomes a familiar friend, capable of delight and surprise every time you see it. 

A good print does more than reproduce the image on a glowing screen, it is another step in the creative process. This includes the choice of medium and matching the medium to the printer. 

My go-to paper for landscape and nature photography is a matte cotton rag made by Innova. It produces brilliant colors and deep shadows, and it looks and feels like I am painting with ink. If I need more contrast I rely on  a glossy paper made by Hahnemuhle. The range of bright whites to deep blacks on this paper is unsurpassed. I rely on these two papers, but will switch to other papers if the photograph needs it. For all these I have custom printer profiles that allow me to fully realize my vision for the scene. 

I prefer to do all of my own printing, but some clients prefer prints on other media such as aluminum or canvas. I work with vendors who produce these, and can quote you a price. 

All print prices reflect the size of the paper, not the image itself. For example, an uncropped photograph made with a Nikon D850 has an aspect ratio of 2:3, which fits neatly on a sheet of 13x19 inch paper (1/2 inch borders makes this a 12x18 print). Most of my photographs have this aspect ratio. On a sheet of 8x10 paper, with 1/2 inch borders, a 2:3 print would be 6x9 inches.

8x10 -- $40

8x12 -- $80

13x19 -- $300

20x30 -- $500

24x36 -- $650

All prices are before applicable sales taxes and shipping.

If you are interested in a print please let me know through the contact form.

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