1. Getting out of a rut

    2022-09-20 20:05:36 UTC
    Everybody gets in a rut, a creatively narrow space that is so deeply worn into your psyche that all you can see are the walls closing you in. Sometimes it’s fine to be in that state, even healthy. I use the time to get something else done, and I know…

  2. Welcome to my blog

    2022-09-18 17:51:31 UTC
    Now that blogging is long out of favor among the masses, I think it’s time to start one up. I’ll use this space to reproduce some of my columns from Focal Points Magazine, the monthly magazine of the Sierra Club Camera Committee. I’ll also write about some of our travels…

  3. Finding solace in surprising places

    2022-09-18 17:51:20 UTC
    My youngest brother passed away recently. He was born with Down’s Syndrome, and lived for 57 years. For the last 20 years of his life I was his conservator, and all the decisions about where he lived and what health care he received ultimately came down on my shoulders.  He…

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