Finding solace in surprising places

My youngest brother passed away recently. He was born with Down’s Syndrome, and lived for 57 years. For the last 20 years of his life I was his conservator, and all the decisions about where he lived and what health care he received ultimately came down on my shoulders. 

He was fortunate that his caregivers were kind, thoughtful, and loving people, and that he had access to fine health care. None of that could save him, though. His last two months were spent in and out of hospitals and care facilities. At the end of his life he was in the ICU, and some of my siblings and I went to the hospital to say goodbye and authorize the removal of his life support. 

A nurse escorted my wife and I too his room, and as we turned a corner I noticed a familiar picture on the wall. It was one of my photographs of Malibu Creek State Park, printed large and framed. It must have been hung when I sold work on Fine Art America. It brought me joy to see it, and I was gratified by the solace it brings to others who also walk this hallway. 

Summer Sunrise at Malibu Creek State Park. wildflowers, oak tree, sunrise
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